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Provider of Solutions Focused Coaching in Schools; Continuous Professional Development to grow the capacity of school staff in working with children and young people to strengthen their wellbeing, mental health and happiness – for improved engagement, learning and behaviour.


Dr Geoff James


Geoffrey co-founded Solution Focused Education with Graham Kavanagh in January 2022. Geoffrey has over 40 years overall of experience working as an educator with people at risk of marginalisation, and over 20 years using the Solution Focused approach to change and growth in schools, residential and mental health services, from 1998 for Local Authority Children's Services, and from 2013 as an independent consultant, trainer, adviser and Solutions Focused Coach.


Graham Kavanagh


Graham co-founded Solution Focused Education with Dr Geoff James in January 2022 having previously partnered together on a number of Early Intervention projects.
Graham is an experienced Executive Director with 15+ years experience in developing and leading all aspects of Education Software and Services businesses, including; product development, sales and marketing, commercial and financial management, professional services and customer care.

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