NEW – A Solutions Focused inclusion policy

NEW – A Solutions Focused inclusion policy

With thanks to Claire Owens and Paul Fragle at Christ’s Hospital school in Lincoln of their clear thinking and hard work for writing this SF inclusion policy. They attended the SF coaching two-day course in July this year and during the course could be seen talking together and making notes in parallel to doing the other tasks.

They could see that SF coaching offered them a structured way of strengthening their  inclusionary work in their school. They had come on the course to learn something new, to enable them to take their full part in Lincolnshire’s ambitious countywide strategy  to prevent exclusion.  It struck them having a school document entitled ‘Exclusion Policy’ when what they were aiming for ‘Inclusion’ was rather missing the point.

The SFc course took place at the very end of the summer term, but undeterred and in the true spirit of the Solutions Focused approach with Claire taking the lead they set about writing a new document, an ‘Inclusion Support Policy’.

Back to work in September, Claire and Paul considered bringing it the new policy into action later in the Autumn term. But the reality is that if things aren’t in place at the start of the school year they’ll most likely get lost in the day-to-day busyness of school life. So on day one they gave their pastoral team the best introduction to SF coaching in they could in the short time available and for the first time ever, SF coaching was in action in a high school in Lincolnshire. The first but definitely not the last.

SF coaching is already having a strong inclusionary effect in their school. With the kind permission of the authors you can find the policy document  in the Resources section of the  site Menu.

If you make use of it, please leave a comment on the site about how you’re adapting it to your own context and how it’s proving useful.

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