Solutions Focused coaching in Lincolnshire schools

Solutions Focused coaching in Lincolnshire schools

It’s only a few weeks since we were all together in training, thinking through the new ideas that Solutions Focused coaching brings to our work and the practice of SF coaching. Some people made an immediate start, putting the ideas into practice in school, for others there was the welcome space of the summer holiday and the chance to make start in this new term.
I made a trip from my home in south Wales to Lincoln in mid-August to join the group of people put together by Mary Meredith to carry through the plan for making ‘Zero-Exclusion Lincolnshire’ come true, for an afternoon’s work. There’s the strength and the willingness to see children and young people in a new light and Solutions Focused coaching has a major part to play.

Over the next week I’ll be contacting you by email to begin the real work of embedding SFc into your day to day practice. A key part of this is your reflecting on what’s working and what’s might change a bit to produce the outcomes we’re hoping for. My hope is that you will use this Forum as a place to lodge your thoughts on the work, your story of success.

If you could make a start by jotting down a few notes in a a diary or journal and transfer something across to this Forum that would be great. I’ve set up a new topic “Notes and stories from day-to-day practice ” for your use – if you could spend around a total of an hour a month on this that would be good.
I fully understand that we all move at different rates and have varying opportunities to use the SF approach and there’s no demand to meet a schedule here. It’s more about how the ideas and the practice that you’ve found out about can play a useful part in including all children and young people, whatever their needs.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Geoff James

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